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Gomez – The Addams Family

“Where are we from?” Funny you should ask. July 31, 1715. The Spanish warship, Pico de Gallo, commanded by my great nautical ancestor, Captain General Redondo Ventana Laguna Don Jose Cuervo, leaves Madrid, bound for the new world. Three weeks later, he is still in Madrid, as Madrid is four hundred miles from the nearest ocean. A stubborn man, he sets sail anyway, only to sink, six months later, off the southern coast of Florida – a hostile land infested with mosquitoes, rattle snakes, and many retired Jewish people. But enough about us. Mr. Malcolm Beineke, I presume, and the lovely Mrs. Malcolm Beineke, and you must be the young Lucas. Welcome to our extremely normal home. Gomez Florencia Addams, at your service. Allow me to present my wife, mother of my children, el amor de mi vida—Morticia! A duchess in the parlor, a genius in the kitchen, and a gymnast in the bedroom.

Grandma – The Addams Family

My turn! Me! Me! Me! Age before beauty! The chalice! [Drinks, looks at Pugsley] The kid and I had a little heart to heart before. I told him to use his time wisely. Look who’s talking – how much time have I got left? I’m a hundred and two, I have shingles and arthritis, and when I break wind it could start the windmills on an old Dutch painting. But I’ve still got one more

round in me. Call me Cougar, but five’ll get you ten there’s a couple of 90-year-old hotties out here just waiting to chow down on a Grandma sandwich. Full Disclo...Full Disclo...I just peed.

Morticia – The Addams Family

Humiliated! Shamed! Mortified! I told that Beineke woman we kept nothing from each other. You lied to me, I can’t live with that. You didn’t dare tell me this, because I’m such a terrible mother. And look at the thanks I get. I gave up my dreams for the sake of this family. I wanted to travel. I wanted to see Paris! I never saw the sewers of Paris! And now it’ll never happen! So that’s how it ends...alone and forgotten in a tiny room, living on cat food and broken dreams— that’s what happens to mothers. Look at yours. She came here for the weekend, the weeks turned into months, it’s twelve years later and she’s still up there: Deceived. Deluded. Smoking weed in the attic. A grandma. Well, I’m not going to end up like your mother. Out!

Uncle Fester – The Addams Family

[To audience.] There you are: Secrets exposed. Marriages threatened. Delicious anarchy. What happens now? Can this be repaired? Or do you all leave in an hour feeling vaguely depressed? Who is this Lucas fella? Do they really love each other? What is love anyway? Does this rash look serious to you? So many questions. I think I’ll get a little moon. Yoo-hoo! Hello! Where are you hiding? Are you playing with me, my only one? [Sees Moon.] There you are! Look at her. Lovely, is she not? And so far away. Yes, in matters of love, my dears, distance is our friend. Closeness? No thank you. Quarter of a million miles away—that’s a good distance for romance. We never fight, each waning is a heartbreaking separation. Each meeting—a happy reunion!